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Recommend Leipziger Jahrbuch zur Buchgeschichte

Leipziger Jahrbuch zur Buchgeschichte

Founded by Mark Lehmstedt and Lothar Poethe. Published on behalf of Leipzig University Library by Thomas Fuchs, Christine Haug and Katrin Löffler.

Publication: 1 issue a year
ISSN: 0940-1954
e-ISSN: 2751-3556

Since 1990, the yearbook publishes original academic contributions, sources, and documents, as well as research and archive reports on all sub-areas of German and international book history. Among these are the history of paper, binding, printing, book trade, libraries, and readers. Being the most important academic publication for book studies, it offers a platform for publications of young researchers. There are volumes including individual contributions as well as issues dedicated to special topics, usually containing conference proceedings.

Current Issue

Issue 1 / 2023